Curricula - Bachelor after high school

Automation and Information Technologies  Download
Biomedical Engineering  Download
Biotechnology  Download
Chemical Engineering  Download
Chemical Engineering (taught in German)  Download
Digital and Conventional Printing Technologies and Design  Download
Ecological Engineering and Environmental Protection  Download
Industrial Management  Download
Informatics Engineering  Download
BioProduct Engineering, Paper and Packaging  Download
Fuels and Bioenergy Technologies  Download
Industrial Safety  Download
Perfumery and Cosmetics  Download
Polymers Engineering  Download
Clean Energy and Sustainable Development  Download
Technology of Glass, Ceramics and Binding Substances  Download
Fine Organic Synthesis  Download
Inorganic Technologies  Download
Textile and Leather Technological Design  Download
Biomaterials for Medical Applications  Download
 Electrochemical and Corrosion Engineering  Download