International Traineeships in UCTM
Sample Programmes


  • Mechanical Engineering Programmes (30 h):

         Select one or more of the following:

Problems of Creating of Processing Machines and Equipment (10 – 30 h)

Logistic in the Food Industry (dairy plants) (10 – 30 h)

Automation of agricultural production (10 – 30)

Matrix Methods fotitiveness of Industrial Production in the EU (10 – 30 h)

European standards, technical legislation and conformity assessment (10 – 30 h)

Advanced Technologies in Gearing Fabrication (10 – 30 h)

Experimental Methods and Equipment for Laboratory and Field Tests (10 – 30 h)

Planetary Gear Trains – Possibilities, Capabilities, and Application in Agrarian Machinery (30 h)

Некоторые особенности и проблемы при подготовке и опубликовании статей в журналах с импакт фактором (2 h)


  • Quality Control Programme (30 h)

Statistical Methods for Data Analysis;

Design of Regression Experiments;

Taguchi’s Approach to Quality Improvement;

Optimization Procedures for Robust Design of Products and Processes with Errors in the Factors;

Methods for Model Based Quality Improvement